The Seven Keys To Successful Creative Entrepreneurship

There are seven keys to successful creative entrepreneurship, seven things you need to know and do if you are to succeed in doing work you love, the creative way.

Artists, coaches and trainers, counsellors and healers, activists and makers of all kinds and, of course, indie authors all define success differently. We follow less direct pathways, trust in a mysterious process and know we don't drive our own success so much as channel it.

We want to do business the creative way, not as dictated by conventional, and often outworn, business rules. We often define success differently and work from different drives and values.

Creative success has never been more accessible, thanks to today's digital tools, but if you want to succeed as a creative entrepreneur, you need to understand how to develop seven keys aspects of yourself and your creative business.

1: Connect With Your PASSION

Physical assets used to have most value in business but this has changed. Today innovation, creativity and uniqueness are what create influence in every industry. Understanding your values and the value you offer and where they connect gives you that innovate, creative unique thing you (can) get passionate about.

You need to: Work out what you most want to make of yourself and how you’ll offer it to the world.

2: PITCH To Inspire

If you haven’t turned your offering into a short message that is exciting and inspiring, people will struggle to understand your value.

You need to: compose and learn a written pitch that gives a powerful answer to the question “What do you do?”, communicating your value with clarity, in a way that inspires action

3: PRODUCE A Range of Packages

Intellectual property is valuable and creative entrepreneurs need to learn the power of digital assets in today creative economy. Exchanging time for money is freelancing, not business.

To run a successful creative enterprise, you need a range of fun, unique and impactful products and services that shape your skills, talents and expertise into packages that have commercial value for other people — and are scalable

You need to: See which assets you’ve already created, check how they’re working for you (fun, unique, impactful? you? valuable? scalable?) and decide what to drop, what to refine and what to make next.

4: Understand Your Creative PROCESS

Your process is personal to you but it also fits a seven-stage sequence: intention, incubation, investigation, formation, elaboration, clarification, completion.

You need to: Find out which stage you’re at with each project / product and with your overall enterprise — and the exact best moves to make from here. 

5: PUBLISH YOURSELF To Establish Profile

If you want to grow a following or a career, to stand out and to make a difference, you must understand how authority and reach is built in our digitized, creative economy. Forget your qualifications, CV, resume. You are who Google says you are and every business is now also in the (digital) publishing business

You need to:  Create credibility and discoverability in your chosen field with your own media: books, blogs, articles, white papers, social updates.

5b: GET PUBLISHED By Others To Establish Authority and Discoverability

Create information funnels that get you and your brand recognized in the media – online and offline – along with

Put a face to your business.

6: PARTNER up with successful others 

No entrepreneur is an island. The right partnerships and joint (ad)ventures change everything.  Powerful collaborations ignite more creative possibilities, allow you scale, and multiply your influence.

You need to: Create opportunities by partnering with high performers.

7: PACE Yourself

Pace is the key to creating more, faster and better. And to making your work in the world fun, rewarding, and sustainable. understand that rest and play are not breaks from the process, they are the process.

You need to: Embed creative practices that let your subconscious do the heavy lifting

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