Softening Resistance: Monday Motivator Week 21, 2019

Our theme for our Monday Motivator 2019 Week 21 is softening creative resistance. But first the coming week’s creative intentions.

Monday Motivator Week 21 2019: Creative Intentions


In our Go Creative! in Business group, each Monday we outline our creative intentions to each other. And then we follow up on a Saturday with what we’ve actually accomplished during the week. What’s unique about our group is that our report is given under the three hats a creative entrepreneur must wear: that of Maker (who produces), Manager (who processes) and Maximizer (who promotes).

Here are my creative intentions for this week, wearing my three hats.

MAKER (Producing): Poetry audiobooks and Creative Self-Publishing. Working on the Quarterly Planner with Illustrator Miki Lowe.

MANAGER (Processing): Finish the main ALLi website revamps.

MAXIMIZER (Positioning): Revamping my fiction newsletter. And working on a social media strategy with the fabulous Suzie Eliot.

That’s what I’ll be up to. What about you? What will you be producing (Maker), processing (Manager) or promoting (Maximizer) this week? Do pop over to our Go Creative! in Business Facebook group, where we support and motivate each other. It’s completely free, there’s no selling or self-promotion, and you can leave anytime if it isn’t the right fit for you.

So you’ve nothing to lose and it may be just the creative boost you need.

Monday Motivator Theme Week 21 2019: Softening Creative Resistance

Our theme this week is taking the most creative approach to creative resistance.

Lots of creative coaches and gurus set us up to go to war with our creative resistance but, actually, it isn’t something that can be fought and defeated, or only temporarily.

Resistance is always with us.

The bigger the creative risks we’re taking, the more likely it is that resistance will be coming along for the ride. It’s just part of the process. Part of stretching yourself, growing and expanding through conscious, intentional working for what you want.

I don’t believe in going to war with resistance. Not just because resistance usually wins but because I don’t see it as something we can, or even should, eradicate.

If we make friends with resistance, we can learn from this companion that comes with us along the way.

Instead of trying to fight it, we can recognize it for what it is and ensure we have tools and techniques to soften it enough to do our work.

Softening Creative Resistance: Listening and Learning

When it becomes acute, resistance is often pointing up something that’s not right with our creative conditions. So if you’re tired because you haven’t been resting, getting enough sleep, for example, or if you haven’t been exercising, getting enough movement, resistance will strengthen.

It shows us how much we care and connects us to the depth and heights of the change we are making.

In this way, resistance to doing our work can be a messenger, telling us what we need to do in our lives to ease it away.

We don’t tackle it head-on, we change our conditions and it softens itself.

Flow Practices: Softening Creative Resistance

Two practices we do online on Facebook Live as part of our morning practice are profoundly helpful in softening resistance without getting into a battle.

TRY THIS: Turn your attention inwards and observe your inner conditions, using the metaphor of the weather. e.g bright and breezy, stormy, misted.

As you look inwards, can you identify resistance to the creative work you’re doing at the moment, can you get a sense of what it feels like? Is it anxious? Is it hurrying you, harassing you? Or is it lethargic, dumping on you, or weighing you down?

If you can get a sense of what it feels like, often that’s enough. Just the act of observing it makes it yield a little. Enough to get going. (If you can hear what it might be saying to you, all the better.)

TRY THIS: Observe your self-talk around resistance. Do you beat yourself up, see your inability to get your work done as a moral failing? F-r-e-e-write around the dialog you’ve established around resistance and how it might be creatively draining you. What you need to do to soften your resistance instead? What if you were to befriend it? What might happen?

Does this theme have any resonance for where you find yourself right now? Come over to our Facebook group for creatives in business and share your story.

The theory that underlies this group and the Creativist Club is outlined in my upcoming Go Creative in Business! book series.

You can pre-order Book One here: Three Pathways To Profit for Creative Entrepreneurs: Practice, Process, Positioning.

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