Shut Up and Be

Try this.  For one hour a day, every day from now on, resolve to be silent.  To speak only in reply to woodlandquestions asked of you.  Apart from necessary answers to direct questions, to say nothing.

Come on, it's just one hour.

Silence is far more powerful than we generally allow.  Unlike sound – and most everything else in our world – silence cannot be categorised or explained.  It is pure, whole and complete in itself.

This discipline of an hour's silence a day was recommended by
many of the ancient religions.  It also appears in Dorothea Brande's classic Wake Up And Live, written in 1936, in which she gives instructions for the practice in her trademark, bracing style:

Be silent “without giving anyone the appearance that you are sulking or suffering from a bad headache,” she says. “Present as ordinary an appearance as possible; simply do not speak.  Answer questions just to their limit, aid no further, give a full and adequate answer but do not continue with volunteered remarks.”

Different people respond in different ways to this exercise but all who do it for a period of time agree that the silence, somewhat paradoxically, becomes a real source of mastery and power.

Physics teaches us how everything that exists arose from nothing, is surrounded – inside and out – by nothing, and will return to nothing.  Silence connects us to this nothingness, the unseen dimension of our existence that Albert Einstein referred to as “the power of all true art and science”.

When we connect with this power, a shift happens within us.  In Creative Intelligence Workshops, we call this becoming “spaced in”.

Inpiration Meditation is one way to make this shift happen.  A daily hour of silence is another.

Try it — and let me know how you go.


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