Seven Ways To Be More Creative

Go Creative Its Your Native State EBOOKThere are seven main reasons why we are not as creative as we might like. All are a form of ignorance, a lack of knowing. 

1. We don’t know how to create: nobody has taught us how. Society, school and workplaces favour a different kind of intelligence. 

2. We don’t know what we truly want: we can’t distinguish between needs, cravings, desires, and true wants.

3. We don’t understand creative surrender, how to do let go.

4. We don’t know what creative presence is or how to induce it.

5. We don’t know how to summon creative attention, how to focus its power.

6. We don’t understand the courage it takes to create: how to experiment with our own lives; how to cope when we fail; how to express our true nature.

7. We don’t know how to trust the process.

The Go Creative! books are written to offer this necessary knowledge to aspiring, and developing, creatives and creativists.

They can help you to be more creative, in everything you do.

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