Monday Motivator: What Are You Creating This Year?

What are your creative intentions for 2018?

This year, to accompany the publication of the Go Creative! Series, I’m going to be offer you a deep dive into my method for mapping creative productivity:

  • in your projects
  • in the publishing that takes new of your projects out into the world
  • in the enterprise that supports your projects and your publishing

This Go Creative! workshop will be completely free, and run on the first Tuesday of each month throughout the year.

And remember: if you need support, motivation or accountability, we offer it in the Creativist Club. Sondra has moved on but we have new moderators who will help you stay on track and make this a breakthrough year for you.

Creative Workshops

What are your creative intentions for 2018? Before beginning the mapping process, it’s necessary to understand how creative intention works and how it differs from new years’ resolutions.

Next month, on Feb 6th, we’ll being the process of Mapping the coming year and quarter, across the three areas of publishing, projects and money.

Register for: Setting Great Creative Intentions for 2018: Part 2: Mapping The Year and Coming Quarter

And finally, for more on the connections between making money and making meaning, you may also be interested in this recent interview with The Creative Penn, more on this tomorrow.

What about you? What are you creating this year? I’d love to hear from you in The Guestbook.

Remember: if you need support, we offer it in the Creativist Club