Go Creative! Workshop: The Sequence of Creative Success Step Four: Produce

Each month I run a Go Creative! business workshop for creative entrepreneurs. Authors, yes, but also artists, educators, healers, those who run passion, mission and purpose powered businesses or non-profits.

If we work in the digital space, we have more in common with each other than with others in our own sectors working from traditional principles.

The workshops take place on the 3rd Tuesday of each month online at 7pm London time (Facebook Live Video) but the advice is timeless and you can catch up with the replays anytime.

The Sequence of Creative Success Step Four: Produce

In this month’s workshop discussed and explored creative productivity. First, there was as discussion of the fundementals:

  • Assessing your Creative Challenge
  • Setting Focussed Intentions
  • Setting up Accountability Structures (join our Facebook group here for this)
  • Planning and Logging Your Time: Years, Quarters, Months, weeks
  • Understanding the Difference between Urgent and Important
  • Doing the most Important things first in the Day
  • Rewarding yourself for Intentions Accomplished
creative success
Planning materials: See Creativist Club for More

None of these will have much effect, however, if you don’t understand your own rhythms, aren’t realistic about mapping and logging, or don’t know how to balance creative work, rest and play.

Productivity is more about developing a creative mindset than getting into a competition with yourself.

Watch this month’s Go Creative! workshop here.


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