September’s Advanced Self-Publishing Salon for the Alliance of Independent Authors

In this month’s Advanced Self-Publishing Salon for the Alliance of Independent Authors, Joanna and I did a news overview show, discussing the latest news in author-publishing, including the latest publishing trends and opportunities.

Topics discussed this week included:

  • ALLi is getting ready for Digital Book World and our online Self-Publishing Advice Conference.
  • Self-Publishing 3.0 campaign.
  • Joanna is finishing Valley of Dry Bones.
  • What’s it like to co-write with your mom?
  • I’m getting ready to launch two very different books: A poetry collection “Keepers” and the first book in the GoCreative! series, which is all about fostering creative flow.
  • We talked about foreign rights deals for books and I drew on my literary agent days to discuss what’s a good deal and how they add up.
  • CreateSpace is being rolled into KDP Print and Walmart is partnering with Kobo. What does it mean for authors?
  • If you’d like to write and publish a book, The Alliance of Independent Authors can help. You can join us at

The Latest News in Author-Publishing: AskALLi Advanced Self-Publishing Salon September 2018

Our theme for next month will be “How To Launch A Book”

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