September Events

United Arts Club, Dublin

You're probably not anywhere near lovely Inverness on 28/9th of September but if you are, I'd love to see you there for the Make It Fall Festival, organised by Peter Urpeth of HiArts, who is going to co-ordinate regular Alliance of Independent Authors meetups in the remote highlands and islands of Scotland.

We're having a social meetup to talk about the Alliance on the Friday evening and I'll be giving an in-depth Go Create! workshop on Saturday.

It's all part of the BLUE MERCY tour, which will also see me in Dublin for one day on the 24th, talking to the NUJ Dublin Freelance Forum in the morning and again, meeting up with Dublin Alliance members in the evening.  Irish friends: we'll be in the United Arts Club from 6.30 if you're around, love to see you.

Online Event for All

In the meantime, an event that's easy for everyone to attend because it's online. This one's for you if you want to know more about using social media to promote yourself and your work. Melissa Foster of World Literary Cafe will be joining me to examine two alternative approaches to social media.

  • Going deep – where you focus small, into your niche market of readers, aiming to build a network of true fans.
  • Going wide, where you use the large social networks like Twitter and Facebook to reach out as widely as possible.

If you've never attended an online event, don't worry, the technology is easy. We use and it's as easy as turn up at your computer (next Wednesday, 9pm GMT) and enter your email address.  Voila, you're in!

Further details are here: Going Deep, Going Wide: Two Approaches to Book Marketing