The Biggest Self-Publishing Stories of 2019: Latest Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

The Biggest Self-Publishing Stories of 2019. In this month’s Alliance of Independent Authors Advanced Self-Publishing Salon, Joanna Penn and I round up the top self-publishing shifts of 2019 but also look back at the past decade.

In this final AskALLi podcast of the year, we ask:

What have been the most pivotal moments for authorpreneurs in those ten years and what does it mean for indie authors today?

Join us live on Mon 6 January 2020 for our thoughts on what indies need to look out for in the next year – and for the next decade!

Here are some snippets from the podcast:

Orna Ross: I think the most interesting thing about 2019 is that it wasn’t all that interesting. The last two years, last three years, I think, we haven’t seen a huge game changer. What we have seen is lots and lots of small incremental changes that we know over time build up to be important things. And we’re seeing a consolidation in the marketplace and we’re seeing growth in author confidence, I think that’s the two things that we’ve been seeing for for quite a while.

Joanna Penn: What I feel is that, you know, things have really taken off, particularly in the English speaking markets at this point, but people don’t necessarily realize that the business models have changed over the years. And if you take a year like 2019, where it seems like not much has changed, not much does change in a year, but a lot changes over a decade.

Listen to the latest #AskALLi podcast episode here: The Biggest Self-Publishing Stories of 2019

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