How To Self-Publish Poetry Plus Online Open Mic on Facebook and Patreon: May 2019

Are you a poet who would like to reach a wider audience for your work? Do you want to learn how to publish and sell your poetry books? Then join my monthly online for poets: Self-Publishing Poetry Advice Clinic plus Open Mic.

If you’re a poet, this Facebook Live event and podcast is designed for you–and the readers who will love to hear your work.

It’s a warm and welcoming space for poets of all kinds, at every stage of development, and everyone who loves the spoken and written word.

An opportunity for you to reach readers with your poetry and learn more about making a living as a poet in the digital age.

Online Open Mic for Poets

Self-Publishing Poetry Advice Clinic & Open Mic

    • Anyone can come and join in, whether to perform / read / listen.
    • Six or seven poets each month read or perform for five minutes each (own poetry only)
    • A featured poet each month is also interviewed about ideas and influences. (If you’d like to be featured, you’ll receive details of how to apply on registration.
    • There’s also themed Self-publishing Poetry Advice Clinic, where you can ask questions about publishing your own poetry and finding a global readership for your poems in the digital age

The event is recorded as a Facebook Live event then turned into a podcast which broadcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Twitch and many other outlets.

Widely publicized through traditional media and social media influencers, it will also feature on my website and be linked to the extensive media networks of the Alliance of Independent Authors

If you’re not sure about performing, come along and lurk for a while. Our next event is on the next 2nd Tuesday of the month, 8pm London time.

Online Open Mic for PoetsSelf-Publishing Poetry Advice Clinic & Open Mic: Registration and Attendance

Whether you’re interested in advice and just listening to the poetry or in reading or performing register here.

Registration is a two-part process:

  1. Register your name and email here and I’ll send you further details about how to attend and how to apply to be featured.  
  2. Follow my Patreon Poetry Page  for updates and to hear the latest show.

It’s that easy for attendees.

Speakers need to be prepared to read or perform on Facebook Live and to meet a tech spec which we’ll email to you.

There is no charge for attending but you are invited to support the work by becoming a  patron here.

And… if you know other poets who might like to read or perform, do share this post with them. Thank you!

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