Self-Publishing News and Advice: Authors Falling For Vanity Presses

This week, among other things, John Doppler explains why authors keep falling for scams and schemes from exploitative companies in 5 Reasons Authors Fall for Vanity Presses

Other Self-Publishing Advice

Debbie Young answers a question posed recently on the ALLi Facebook Forum – What Kind of Editing is Priority for Indie Authors?

I report in from Digital Book World on a pressing issue likely to be front of mind for conference delegates in Author Earnings through Author Business

The growth in audio makes a compelling argument for authors expanding their range into audiobooks. Debbie Young explains more in Why Every Indie Author Should Publish Audiobooks

ALLi’s Self-publishing Success Story features the prolific and award-winning Swedish historical novelist, Anna Belfrage

And finally, as always, we come to Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up. This week, examining the relationship between indie bookstores and indie authors; breaking news on VAT; Tim Berners-Lee and his vision to rebuild the architecture of the world wide web; latest from Digital Book World; and more on rights, this time involving car giant GM.

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