Self-Publishing News and Advice: 2019 Week 3: Losing Money on KDP

This week, among other things, ALLi Advice Centre Watchdog John Doppler asks, Are You Losing Money on KDP Delivery Fees?

Other Self-Publishing Advice

US novelist Errin Stevens describes how her own indie status redeemed her from damage at the hands of a traditional publisher, and why being self-published brings her greater joy in her writing in Why Being Indie Brings Me More Joy in My Writing

In Why Indie Authors Need Literary Executors & How to Appoint One, indie author, Maggie Lynch, shares her personal experience of choosing a literary executor.

In this week’s monthly beginners’ self-publishing salon, Tim Lewis and Orna Ross discuss Indie Publishing as a Hobby or Business.

Topics discussed include:

  • Writing for yourself vs. writing to make a living.
  • What are the differences between a hobbyist and business mindset?
  • Writing for a market vs. writing for your passion.

Giacomo Giammatteo, indie author of over 70 self-published books, makes the case for keeping dialogue tags simple, and explains his reasoning in his opinion piece: If You Need Fancy Dialogue Tags, There’s Something Wrong with Your Writing.

And finally, as always, we come to Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up. This week, how many books should people own; what people read; where people read; what authors earn; a new offering from PublishDrive and new indie prize pays it forward.

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