Self-Publishing Authors At Amazon Academy

I spent Wednesday at Amazon's very cool Fashion Studio in Hoxton, speaking about the author journey and the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), for the UK's first Amazon Academy.

Enterprise Nation, partnering with Amazon and the Guardian Small Business Network, delivered a day of insights into how small business owners can use digital technology to increase online sales and exports.

More than 200 creative entrepreneurs gathered in London on 23 November for the event, including lots of aspiring and emerging indie authors, and a number of ALLi members.

Three bestselling authors — Mark Dawson, Talli Roland and Joseph Alexander — were speaking about their own pathway to success. And I was there to give the overview from ALLi's perspective: the things we see members doing that lead to success… or its opposite.

The event was a full day at Amazon's Fashion Studio in Hoxton. East-London lovely venue and they looked after 200+ people extraordinarily well.
Mark and Joseph in tight talks in the “green room”, as we wait to be called to the stage, while Talli catches up with her fans online
Darren, Manager of Amazon KDP & Createspace, points out how we've failed to sit under our photos! From left (in real life), Joseph Alexander, Mark Dawson, Talli Roland, me … and my trusty ALLi banner.
Super engaged crowd with lots of questions about our theme of the day, “The Author Journey” and also about ALLi.

Some of the ALLi members who attended the day enjoy a well-earned drink and, while appreciating much about the day (not least the bubbly!), agree they would have liked more expert advice for the experienced author. Something for next time…? (l to r) Helena Halme, Eliza Green, Jane Davis, Andrew, Ricardo Fayet and Jessica Bell. [pic: karen inglis] Until then, our thanks to Lizzy Erskine, Darren Hardy and all at Amazon for a great day for indie authors and creative entrepreneurs.