Latest from the Self-Publishing Advice Blog: Sponsor Promotions

This week, among other things, we remind you that there’s still time to take advantage of our Fringe Sponsor promotions. Don’t let them expire, find out more in Jay’s Indie Author Fringe Giveaway Winners and Promotional Offers article.

Other Self-Publishing Advice

Author and writing coach Jenny Alexander gives us a case study in How Changing the Covers on a Self-published Book Can Boost Sales with a strong caveat that caution is required.

Michael La Ronn and Jay Artale’s Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon Podcast was from our Author Fringe event. This month they discussed the indie author triangle of success: the right mindset, effective writing tools (that work for you), and a strong support network.

Jay Lemming indie author of literary fiction brings us our opinion piece – The Missing Piece in Self-Published Literary Fiction: Unapologetic Marketing

And finally, as always, we come to Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up. This week he contemplates the future of books with the next generation after the release of a report on the potential habits of “generation alpha”. He also mentions Smashwords new podcast and KDP’s how-to guides, David Gaughran’s case study into Amazon ranking policy, and announcements from Digital Book World and Wattpad.

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