Latest from the Self-Publishing Advice Blog: 7 Stages of the Creative Process

This week, among other things, we bring you one of our Fringe Highlight Podcasts: 7 Stages of the Creative Process with Orna Ross

Other Self-Publishing Advice

British novelist Elaine Moxon explains how she found salvation in collaborating with other authors, reclaiming her writing time and focus little by little, and getting her back on track with her writing goals – How Collaboration with Other Indie Authors Helped Me Return to Writing

ALLi’s Partner Spotlight introduces you to the valued partner members who help drive the self-publishing industry – Partner Spotlight: Jessica Bell

Many writers also make a significant income from other sources. Journalist and book designer Henry Hyde shares his experience of adding Patreon as an income stream to his author business model, with impressive results.

Our ALLi Partnership Success Story: Thomson-Shore to the Rescue

US fantasy novelist Karen Myers explains how she took a year off writing to raise her game – counter-intuitive, perhaps, but highly effective in growing the success of her indie author business – If You Want to Sell More Books, Skill Up

And finally, as always, we come to Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up. Covering the big players when it comes to direct self-publishing platforms (besides Amazon and Google), Rakuten Kobo’s new partnership deal, a new prize accepting self-published entries, the eagerly anticipated response from Open Library to piracy accusations, and the launch of a new author service start-up.

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