Creative Searching with Seenapse

We all love Professor Google but there's a new and very different search engine on the scene, Seenapse.

Right now, as I type in “why do I” to my Google search engine, my sentence is finished off by Google's Autocomplete with “why do I sweat so much?”.

Seenapse calls itself an “inspiration engine” and is aimed at creatives. The search engine makes interesting and unique associative links, a key component of creativity and creativism.

Seenapse crowdsources all its information and is just getting started — so it needs to draw the crowd. As the database grows, the algorithms will ensure that it gets better at drawing unusual connections and combinations.

The founder of Seenapse, Rafael Jimenez, posted a video  showing how Seenapse can be used for business brainstorming. and I'm looking forward to playing with it some more — and watching how it grows.

(See The Controlled Chaos of Creativity for more on associative links and creative combining and connecting )