See You In September

Exciting times here at Creative Intelligence Towers. The move script – now called Between The Words – is going into development with Holly Race at The Script Factory, with some tight deadlines.

And a very exciting e-publishing project is unfolding under me as I write. (Details to be revealed soon).

Oh, and a little thing called A Much Needed Holiday also beckons.

So the blog is going on hold for a few weeks.

If you need a creative intelligence fix in the meantime, you can access more than 200 previous posts in the blog archive: HERE.

Or begin reading my new novel, serialised: HERE.

Or connect on Facebook: HERE

This feels like a good time to say thank you for taking time to connect. I hope the blog makes a difference to your creative life. Knowing you are there has certainly made all the difference to me.

Have a great, great summer, creating fun and frolics wherever you go.

And see you in September.