Schools Failing Our Creative Kids

End of term. The teachers are putting on a Christmas show as a treat — dressing up and performing X-Factor/American Idol style singing and dancing routines. images-59And 13-year-old Jessica Cocks secretly uses her iPod Touch to video them strutting their stuff.

Afterwards, she charges her schoolmates 50p for a look. But her iffy entrepreneurial scheme is foiled when one of the teachers catches them shrieking and laughing. Jessica is reprimanded and her phone confiscated.

Does the school use the incident as an opportunity to explore the possibilities and pitfalls of new media? Or the moral implications of secretly filming others without their permission? Or any other essential lesson for today's world?

No.  Instead, when Jessica's mother comes to talk about the incident, the headmaster tells her that Jessica might face prosecution as police have been called in to investigate whether filming teachers in this way is a criminal matter.

Which tells you all you need to know about how our schools and education systems are failing our children's creative intelligence.