Saying Yes to No.

Nobody likes being rejected, they say, but actually that's not true. Developing a creative approach to life means learning not just to accept,creative intelligence cartoon but to welcome the opportunity to learn from, rejection.

“Going through no is the way to get to yes,” says filmmaker, Michael Wolk. “Going through no also means, I think, understanding why people are saying no, and being proactive in getting toward the yes, and listening to the feedback, and moving forward so that you're getting rejected by a better class of people.

“The more gracious you are in handling rejections, the better you can  develop relationships that are initially based on rejection.

“You got the door open half an inch because they liked the idea, but they thought you couldn't write dialogue. Next time, you send 'em a thing and say, ‘I've been brushin' up the dialogue and I took your words to heart'.

A no can be really the start of a yes.”

From 'Rejecting Rejection' in
 Tales from The Script: 50 Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Stories.
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