Redesign In Progress

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You might have noticed a new look around here and that you haven’t had your newsletter for a while.

I’m working with the wonderful Pixbee Design to:

  • upgrade the website design
  • put in the Creativist Club we’ve talked about for so long
  • set up a weekly Go Creative! podcast
  • introduce a new weekly motivator mail-out to be sent each Sunday (starting in July), for those who are pursuing the principles and practices outlined in the Go Creative! books.

I’m going to be working on this with Nelly from Pixbee and the ever-wonderful Roving Jay over the summer, ready to launch the podcast and club in September.

You can help to shape these new features.

Font Icon MediumWhat would you like to see in a club devoted to creative living?

What would you like to hear each week in a podcast devoted to creative living and self-publishing literary fiction and poetry?

What would you like to receive each week in a creative living motivator mail?

You can let me know your thoughts publicly in The Guestbook (I just love the job Alex and Nelly have done over there!). Or, as ever, drop me a message through the contact form.

In the meantime, I hope you’re happily creating too!

PS Sign up for my monthly newsletter if you want to be kept informed … and to receive an exclusive Go Creative! gift for subscribers when the club opens its doors.