Four Great Reasons To Go Creative

There are many reasons to go creative.

It both asks more of you and delivers more to you than the willed mind-switch encouraged by LoA.

You need to:

  1. understand the process, its different stages, and how best to work with it.
  2. appreciate the roles of resistance, failure, and creative challenge, and to allow the challenges in your life to teach you what you need to know.
  3. recognize the relationship with your own creative spirit as the number one relationship in your life, the one that defines all the others.

In practice this means that sometimes, we need to surrender control and let the process lead.

The Advantages

When you lighten up and let go in this way, you are amply rewarded as unhappiness, anxiety, and stress begin to fall away.

  • Boredom and ennui reduce or cease. As you awaken to life arising through outer senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) and inner senses (perception, emotion, memory, intuition, and imagination), you find a larger dimension of your mind—your creative observer—is awakened. You are able to witness what is being made in the moment of its making. No experience is more satisfying.


  • Stress and anxiety reduce or cease. As you learn to practice stillness, awareness, and presence, you waken further, into another layer of seeing more clearly the wonders and joys around you. You find you have let go of worries and lightened up around perceived stresses.


  • Envy and inauthenticity reduce or cease. As you come to observe and express the truth of your own unique character and experience, and as you move to deeper motives for creating your core wants, what others are doing with their lives truly becomes none of your business.You’re too connected to the joy of your own creative consciousness to care.


  • Loneliness and cynicism reduce or cease. As you see that you are not separate from the rest of creative life, that the same process that creates one thing creates everything, you come to realize that the process—and its attendant peace, joy, and transcendent power—is always there for you. So long as you are there for it.