Need A Thoughtful Gift for Valentine’s Day? You Need Poetry

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching. As ever, I love to spread the love through the power of poetry! This year, I have two exclusive gifts for you and your loved ones: 1) a special edition of The Light of Love and 2) Love Lines: A Bespoke Valentine's Poem.

Love Lines: A Bespoke Valentine's Poem

With this unique offering, you commission a custom-made poem written by me, especially for your loved one, either accompanied by my love poetry book (see below), or as a standalone.

Once you've chosen and made your purchase, I'll send you a form to fill, where you'll share a few details about the recipient, and their personality and interests. From this, I'll craft some verses that will say all the things you want to say… in poetry.

Interested? Drop me a quick email on orna [at]

The Light of Love: Poetry Book

The Light of Love is an illustrated poetry book for the person you most love (even if that person is you).

Part of my ‘Twelve Poems to Inspire' series, a range of gift-books catering to various occasions including Mother’s Day, Christmas, and personal milestones like loss and new beginnings, The Light of Love is an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

The book is available in ebook and paperback but for you, dear followers, I am offering a signed, hardback edition of the book, dedicated to your beloved with a message chosen by you, or me.

To purchase:

Are you ready to spread love and impress your Valentine? Let's make them feel really special this year.