Poetry for Christmas

Poetry for Christmas My Poetry for Christmas collection has been updated to take in a new poem, which you can access now either by supporting my Patreon page or buying the book.

If you hurry, you can order a special signed edition which I'll mail to you in time. (Email Sarah: sarah@ornaross.com). Signed or unsigned, this book makes a great gift.

Here is the first stanza of my latest Christmas poem which, yes, tries to grapple with the true meaning of Christmas, dark days becoming light.

In the year’s dying days,
rainfall once again is falling,
failing to freeze, to become snow.
No white Christmas again this year,
just the falling, failing rain
as silent, I overheard you say,
as a Christmas suicide.
What a chilling line.
I know it hurts your soul…

You can read the rest of this poem here today.