This Sunday’s poem of the week is: Two Mirrors

I write and publish my poetry first on Instagram. Then on Sundays, I post the poem that received the most likes or comments here on my blog. Below is my most popular Instagram poem this week, “Two Mirrors”.


Two Mirrors

He was caught by how her eyes hid,
a little glassy, behind her hair,
And since that day, those eyes have never left, held open
by him, two mirrors, to his
own waking and sleeping.

That and the first drink
he shared with her, the two
of them drinking out of one glass,
not a penny between them for another one.

Through all the goods and money
they had to give away,
over the years,
and then their health taken,
he has stayed drunk
on that first drink.

He remembers, always, his part,
knows that's how he knows
he can play it again,
through any starting over.

He has held what was reflected
in the shy withholding of her eyes,
in the soft touch of her mouth mark on his.
He holds these, always, in keeping for them both.

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Orna Ross


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