Poem of the Week: On Sundays

I mostly post my poetry first on Instagram, (unless it is a patron-exclusive poem). Then, each Sunday here on the blog, I post the poem that has got the most Insta likes.

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The poems are inspired by images and photographs, sometimes by me, sometimes by others. My most popular poem on Instagram this week was “On Sundays”.

On Sundays

On Sundays,
I like to keep faith
with the older ways
I once reneged.

Lay down the tools.
Turn off the noise,
Take a stroll
through country lanes.
And, after, sit to slow
my breath and blood.

Open to the vast
and playful force
that bequeathed to us
the universe.

Feel it pulsate
in the silent spheres,
and in each lung and vein,
dissolving the false debris
the mighty haze,
until they know their origin.

And I become again aware
of life as praiseful prayer.


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Orna Ross


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