Poem of the Week: Afloat

I mostly post my poetry first on Instagram, (unless it is a patron-exclusive poem). Then, each Sunday here on the blog, I post the poem that has got the most Insta likes.

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The poems are inspired by photographs, sometimes taken by me, sometimes by others.

Today’s inspirational poem is “Afloat” inspired by this fab pic by @yuki.t_photography

And now for this week’s poem:


Dark gerbera flowers
shield her eyes
as, lipstick perfected,
in her new white water dress,
she sighs
for his slender, searching tongue
his well-traveled thighs.

Whatever happens to her soon,
we know he happened then,
and that now she lies,
a half-curled, hothouse frond,
naked in a milky bath,
trying to stay alive.

And all for want of knowing
the great font of love
that wells inside,
right now, as always,
holding her afloat,
above the water line.

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