This Sunday’s poem of the week is: Go There

I write and publish my poetry first on Instagram. Then on Sundays, I post the poem that received the most likes or comments here on my blog. Below is my most popular Instagram poem this week, “Go There”.


Go There

When hurt and sorrow rise
and the news of the day inveigles
with its scandalised dispairs,
I retreat to my lair,

where the tall trees
sway in waiting for me,
brushing the sky
with their leaves;

where the stream breaks
over the stones,
knowing how to flow
without straining
forward in fear;

where above me,
secret stars,
veiled in the light of day,
know just how much
we need nighttime to see.

There, in the greening
spirit of trees,
under the blue dream
dome of the sky,
by the winged babble
of water, I hear myself
sigh, as I fall into grace,
and fly free.

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