This Month’s Exclusive Poem for Patrons: Long Love + Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast

This month’s exclusive poem for patrons: Long Love is a love poem about the delights of a long-lasting love. 

Exclusive Poem for Patrons: Long Love

We’ve been together for so long my dear. 
The world discounts us, sees us grey and void.
Sets gaze beyond, as if in drawing near, 
it might touch age and somehow be destroyed,
and misses how we laugh at worldly noise,
how old pains borne together came to rhyme. 

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Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast

Interested in writing and publishing love poetry?
In advance of Valentine’s day, this week’s AskALLi session with myself and Dalma Szentpály will discuss How to Self-Publish Love Poetry. If you’re an indie poet, or aspire to publish poetry books, this AskALLi salon is for you.
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