This Sunday’s poem of the week is: “Due Time”

I write and publish my poetry first on Instagram. Then on Sundays, I post the poem that received the most likes or comments here on my blog. Below is my most popular Instagram poem this week, “Due Time”.

Another adaptation of an old Irish poem. This one dates from the early ninth century, based on ‘The Instructions of King Cormac,' as edited and translated by Kuno Meyer (Todd Lecture Series, vol. xv. Dublin, 1909).


Be not too haughty, nor too humble,
be not too talkative, nor too quiet,
be not too feeble, nor too strong.
be not too foolish, nor too wise,

For while the haughty lose affection,
the humble forego honor:
while the talkative are not heeded,
the quiet are not regarded;
while the feeble are overcome.
the strong are inflexible;
while the foolish are deceived;
the wise are left alone.

Therefore be true
to the spirit of each aspect
in the time of its rising.  

The moment contains the need.
Meet it with your whole being.

Then all shall be called forth
in right measure
and given its due time.

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Orna Ross


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