Day Out At Glendalough: Audio Poem

2022 is going to be my year of audio. I'm working with In Ear Entertainment to get all my books into audio.

Right now, I'm finishing up making some additions to Before The Fall, which will be narrated by Adena Cahill. Next up is poetry audiobooks, where I'll be doing the narration myself.

As part of this new process, I'll release an original audio recording of one of my poems here on the blog on Tuesdays. This week, it's “Day Out At Glendalough”.  Enjoy! (pic by Jonny Baker)


Day Out At Glendalough

After you have walked the ruins 
of seven churches,
tilted back your head to seek the top 
of the tower that took 
the rounded point 
of Kevin’s steeple
and thrust it up, 
three times as high,
from earth to sky to mark
the ground you walk upon
as holy;

after you have circled green lake paths
that urge you up, then further up,
to top the crashing
waterfall, then

after you’ve been stopped and stopped again,
by sight of ice-sliced mountain cut to valley
its mesh of rivers and falls,
rushing to empty all into two, long lakes 
that somehow take this ceaseless gush
and hold it

you will know 
the allure of here,
as of all the places we call sacred,
is the silence.

You will have heard
the voice
of your own blood
dropping into
the deep.

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