This Sunday’s poem of the week is: “Above the Water Line”

I write and publish my poetry first on Instagram. Then on Sundays, I post the poem that received the most likes or comments here on my blog. Below is my most popular Instagram poem this week, “Above the Water Line”.


Lipstick perfected,
in a water dress, she sighs
for how he made her feel.
His slender, searching tongue
his well-honed, gripping thighs.
The sight of her best self
revealed, shining in his eyes.

Whatever happens to her next,
he happened then, and now
she lies, hot-held, skin-peeled
vitrified. Naked in a murky bath,
afraid to stay alive.

And all for want of knowing
that other self that always welled,
concealed from her, inside.
It’s holding her afloat, right now,
above the water line.

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