Knowing Your Ideal Reader: Latest #AskALLi Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

All the foundations of book marketing begin with knowing your ideal reader, understanding their needs and how your book fulfills them.

But how do you identify who your reader is? And what do you need to know about them that will enable you to connect with them in the right way? And enable you to sell more fiction and nonfiction books.

That’s the conversation Sacha Black and I enjoyed this week AskALLi podcast about self-publishing fiction and non-fiction.

Here are some snippets:

 SACHA: You know those memes online that say when you find your perfect partner, “my weird matches your weird”. That’s really what you’re doing here…but in terms of book theme

ORNA: Write a description of your ideal reader as if they were a character in your book. Give them those telling details that you have to give about a character, but also include things like age, income bracket, interests, ideas, worldview, and of course, the all-important problem. What problem have they got that your book is going to solve?

SACHA: Think too about where they find their books… If you don’t know how your readers find books, then you cannot put marketing materials into those areas. So, for example, almost all the nonfiction books I read come from either recommendations from friends, colleagues, other writers or from podcasts. So I know for my nonfiction that I need to engage my readers to help promote me, and do that word of mouth. Whereas for fiction, it’s changed. I used to look at Amazon categories and go into bookstores [but now] I am finding my fiction almost predominantly through Instagram. So are my readers…

Listen to the latest #AskALLi podcast episode here: Knowing Your Ideal Reader