Poetry Book Marketing Part 2: Developing Your Action Plan: Latest Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

Poetry Book Marketing Part 2: Developing Your Action Plan. In this month’s Alliance of Independent Authors Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast, Dalma Szentpály and I build on the basic poetry book marketing plan established last time and move on to choosing some specific actions that feel right for you.

Emphasizing a spirit of experiment and exploration, we suggest a number of options available to poets, from book promotion websites to social media. We also show how poets are reaching readers in a variety of niches, without eating too much into writing time.

Here are some snippets from the podcast:

Orna Ross: You don’t absolutely have to do social media. But if you’re not going to do social media, what are you going to do instead? So the reason that so many authors and poets are doing social media is because it provides a way to reach readers without a great financial cost.

Dalma Szentpály: What works best for social media is to have an 80-20 percent rule. That means that you shouldn’t promote your book that much. You should promote your own work like 20 percent of the time and you should share and you should engage with others in order to gain a following and you know, kind of be present in a natural way in the social media environment.

Listen to the latest #AskALLi podcast episode here: Poetry Book Marketing Part 2: Developing Your Action Plan

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