Personal Poetry Gift Card for You or Yours

I wanted to tell you about a new product I'm creating for my poetry followers, whereby you can commission a custom-made, personal poem written by me, for you or a loved one.

You can purchase the card either as a standalone, or accompanied by an associated poetry book.

Personal Poetry Gift Cards

These Poetry Cards are the ultimate expression of thoughtfulness and affection.

Designed in lush fashion by illustrator Zoe Mellors, each card is a visual feast that harmonizes perfectly with the personalized poetry within.

I came to Zoe through Stardust Book Services, a fabulous partner member at the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Her designs for this project are a celebration of nature's beauty, featuring an array of flowers blooming in a kaleidoscope of intricate color and pattern. I love them.

You can see more of Zoe's work at her website:

Bespoke Gift

Designed for those who cherish beauty in words and depth in emotion, these personal poetry gift cards offer you the opportunity to commission a custom-made poem, penned with care and precision by a passionate poet.

Whether it's for you yourself, or for a treasured loved one, the poem will be a bespoke creation, tailored to encapsulate your feelings, memories, and wishes in mindfully crafted verse.

A Personal Poetry Gift Card makes an unparalleled gift, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, or simply as a gesture to show how much you care, in hard times and in good times.

An intimate, profound way to convey your feelings and a treasure to cherish and revisit for years to come.

How to Order:

Once you've chosen and made your purchase, I'll send you a form to fill, where you'll share a few details about the recipient, and their personality and interests. From this, I'll craft some verses that will say all the things you want to say… in poetry.

Interested? Drop me a quick email on orna [at]

Personal Poetry Gift: Card + Book

If you wish to dive deeper into the world of poetry, there's an option to pair your Poetry Gift Card with an associated Poetry Gift Book.
My '12 Poems to Inspire' series is a range of gift-books catering to various occasions including Mother’s Day, Christmas, and personal milestones like loss and new beginnings.
Complements the themes and emotions of your custom poem, enriching your gift with a collection of verses that resonate with the soul. It's your invitation to explore the vast landscapes of poetry, to feel, to reflect, and to connect on a deeper level.

Each book is available in ebook and paperback and also (only on this website) in signed, hardback edition, dedicated to your or yours, with a message chosen by you or me, and lovingly wrapped and dispatched.

You can purchase the Personal Poetry Gift Card (£100), together with a signed hardback (£25) at the special price of £110. (Patrons receive a further 15% discount, on this and all products.)

To purchase:

  • Go to: and choose whether you want the book only, card only, or card and book together.

Orna Ross


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