Patti Smith's Coffee

Creativity is a habit and cultivating good creative work means cultivating good creative habits.  But what about the bad ones?  Don't you need the sex ‘n' 0602160003121dsc_0019s_tdrugs to make the rock ‘n' roll?

No, says one of the greatest rockers of them all, Patti Smith, in Interview Magazine. “I've seen a lot of people go down because they attach a harmful substance to their creative process. A lot of it is purely habitual. They don't need it, but they think they do, so it becomes entrenched.

“Coffee was part of my process. I used to drink like 14 cups a day… Now, if I want to go to a cafe and write and to drink coffee for two hours, I just order them. I don't drink them.

“What I do is order an americano and a pot of water and I keep diluting it — because it's not the coffee, it's the habit.

“A lot is just aesthetic. It's the feeling of how cool I feel with my coffee…”

What habits feed your aesthetic, your process?

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