The Paradox of Creative Intention.

The previous post about creative intention hinted at my opinion of linear goal-setting — the SMART goals so beloved of corporate IMG_0163achievers. While I agree that yes, a human being with a focussed desire is a formidable force, we do not create so much as co-create — life often has its own ideas about what's happening next.

As the great philosopher – Mr John Lennon – once said: ‘Life is what happens to you while you're busy making plans.'

A creative intention is not a plan in that sense. A creative intention respects that life often knows better than we do what's best for us.

To set one, therefore, is to step into the world of paradox.

  • To clearly visualise what we want, then let go of any attachment to the outcome.
  • To be prepared to do our part while allowing life to do its.
  • To work well and make appropriate efforts while also playing well, with lots of rest, relaxation, contemplation and meditation.
  • To be persistent but not bull-headed.
  • To work towards success while welcoming failure as a learning opportunity.
  • To be resilient but not self-satisfied.
  • To know what we want at the same time as knowing we are complete without it.
  • To fully appreciate what we've already (co)created while directing energy towards what we're (co)creating now.

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