Good Things from Cancer: #1

Everybody says you are supposed to fight cancer.  Newspapers carry stories of brave battles against the disease.  And Western medicine pulls out its biggest guns for the war – chemotherapy, radical surgery, radiation…

I am having all those treatments and more — but the battle metaphor just doesn’t work for me.

When I was diagnosed, I had reached a point of my life where I was learning to love what is. To accept that whatever was happening in a particular moment was just as it ought to be — however much I might wish it otherwise.  To understand that what I called problems were often blessings in disguise.

This hardwon learning had me happier than I had ever been in my life.

So when

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Making Good Choices

So there I was, thinking about choices. Specifically: is there a way of knowing that you’re making the right choice, the best choice, while you’re making it.

And while I was thinking, I saw a nice comment came in on my last post from the fabulous Caroline Smailes.  So I took a wander over to her blog, to see what she was up to.  (That girl is always up to something). 

And what did I find?  The most amazing widget, put together for her by her friend Stray, to celebrate the launch of Caroline’s latest book, Black Boxes (a powerful, accomplished read of which more another day). 

And this Black Box of a widget was all about… yes, making choices.

Ah synchronicity.  Don’t you just love it.

The widget was born of a telephone conversation between Caroline and

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No hair

It’s the launch of “A Dance in Time” tonight and I have almost no hair.

I have almost no hair because I have been having cancer treatment and last week, it started to fall out.  In clumps.  (Great timing!)

So what to do?  I could wear a wig.  I could wear a scarf. I could wear a hat.

Except wigs are

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Beyond Belief

Beyond Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Jew… Beyond socialism, nationalism, feminism, capitalism,  tribalism, communism… Beyond power, politics, money, identity, sex … Read more

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