Breaking Out Of The Box

When you need to be creative or innovative, try this simple break-the-box, mind-body bridging exercise from Dr Stanley H Block.  

Part 1: The Box.

1. Name the specific situation that makes you feel boxed in.

2. Take a piece of paper, write the situation in the middle of the page, and draw an oval around it.

3. Take 1-2 minutes to jot down around the oval whatever pops into your mind about that situation and your attempts to solve it. Work quickly and don't self-edit.

4. At the bottom of the paper, write down the location and type of body tension that you felt while doing this exercise (e.g. pressure in chest, shoulders pulling up, or tension in gut).

5. Ask yourself the following questions:
a) Is your mind cluttered? 
b) Is your body tense? 
If yes, you have the tell-tale signs that you are boxed in by your I-System.

Part 2: Breaking Out.

1. Take another piece of paper, write the same situation in the middle of the page and draw an oval around it.

2. Before you continue writing, do the following “Come to Your Senses” exercise. Seat yourself comfortably, listen to the background sounds, experience the pressure on your seat, feel your feet on the floor and feel the pen in your hand. If you have thoughts, gently return to the background sounds and your senses. Take your time. Once you feel settled, start writing whatever comes to mind about the situation. Watch the ink go on the paper, continue to feel the pen in your hand and listen to the background sounds. Write for 1-2 minutes.

3. Ask yourself the following questions.  
a) Is your mind cluttered or clear? 
b) Is your body tense or relaxed?

A relaxed mind and body shows that your I-System is resting.

c) Do you sense a new mind-body harmony? 
d) Are you experiencing what it feels like to be out of your box?

Further details here at Psychology Today.

So hey, how about actually DOING this, rather than just reading about it?

Let me know how it goes.