Orna Ross Poetry Newsletter October 2019

It’s here, my latest poetry book, Allowing Now: A Book of Mindfulness Poems. This is poetry in the tradition of Mary Oliver, Maya Angelou, John O’Donoghue and others who write about the deepest dimensions of life from a spiritual rather than religious perspective.

The book was inspired by the ancient wisdoms of Rumi and the most recent inspirational Instapoets. The thirty poems in this selection are intimately alive to the teachings offered by the smallest life moment.

Orna Ross Poetry Newsletter October 2019

Some, like the title poem, “Allowing Now”, address the topic of mindfulness head on, more explore related themes like self-compassion, inter-being and creative acceptance.

They don’t shy from life’s challenges or pains, but explore the mysteries of daily experience.

It’s my hope that each poem is a reminder of what it is to live openly and freely, as alert witnesses to the unfolding moment, and how to reach out to others from that place of presence.

This is what I teach online through daily meditation and f-r-e-e-writing practice but here the medium for mindfulness is the magical, mystical power of poetry.

You can pre-order the book here and you’ll receive it on October 25th.

New Book: Would You Like A Review Copy?

If you’re a blogger or reviewer, or just a reader willing to do a customer review on Amazon, and would like a review copy, just let Sarah know and she will send it by return. sarah@ornaross.com


Facebook Live Video: How To Self-Publish A Poetry Chapbook

Orna Ross Poetry Newsletter October 2019

Sometimes called pamphlets, chapbooks are short collection of poems, inexpensively and usually independently published, typically in ebook or paperback format—though indies are now producing POD hardbacks and audiobooks of their own readings too. I publish chapbooks regularly, whenever she has ten publishable poems for her “Poems to Inspire” series. In this session, Dalma and I will explore the delights and challenges of chapbook publishing, including some upcoming chapbook publishing competitions.

Tune in: You can watch a replay of the Facebook Live session right here or follow this link to listen to the podcast on the #AskALLi blog.

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