Online Events Weeks 15 and 16 2019: Choosing An Editor and Building Creative Assets

Each week I do at least one self-publishing video or audio event online and once a month I run a workshop for those who want to go creative in business. Here are my online events weeks 15 and 16 2019, the one just done and the next up.

This week is a little unusual. Because of my holiday, I’ve ended up doing two events in one night on 16th April, both centered around the value of your creative assets.

Online Events Week 15 2019: ALLi Beginners Salon: Working With An Editor


Tim and I discussed the importance of having your book edited, how to choose the best editor for your current project and how to set and keep to a budget for editing, while not compromising on quality. The differences between three kinds of editing—developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading— were explained and when to use which, along with a number of tips for getting the most out of the editor/author relationship.

We also discussed ALLi’s new TwitterChat which Tim is to run. Beginning on Twitter @IndieAuthorALLi account on May 16th at 8pm BST (3pm EST, 12.30am 17th May IST, 5am 17th May AEST), and weekly at the same time thereafter. The hastag will be #IndieAuthorChat and it will be an opportunity to chat on Twitter about a different theme of interest to indie authors each week.

Online Events Week 16 2019: ALLi Writing Life Salon: Building Productive & Profitable Author Assets.

As writers, we think about the work we need to do to create our books but perhaps not enough about the writing we do to build other assets that are very important to our author business.
In the ALLi salon I’ll be chatting with Dan Blank about the value of websites, branding, processes, teams and other intellectual property. How authors evaluate these assets, and book projects, through the lens of purpose, profit, and pleasure. And how, in a busy creative life, we need to look after our most important asset: ourselves.

Online Events Week 16 2019: The Sequence of Creative Success Step Four: Productivity (Part Two): Producing Creative Assets

An hour later, I’ll be going more deeply into these topics as they affect all creative entrepreneurs (CEs), in this month’s Go Creative! workshop.

This is the second part of the fourth step in the sequence of creative success: Production. Last time we looked at setting up the rhythm in your days, weeks and months and this time we’re looking at how you Produce Creative Assets that Perform

Productivity is not just about quantity, in creative fields, it’s far more about quality.

In this session, we will explore the value of digital assets and other assets that a creative entrepreneur relies on: brand assets, marketing assets, process assets and IP assets.

You will be given a method for evaluating creative projects and products in advance, and for shaping and balancing them as you create, in order to optimize their potential for your creative purpose, pleasure and profit.

How to attend

  • Go to this video page
  • Just before we’re due to start at 7pm BST, 2pm EST, 11.30pm IST, 4am (next day) AEST, Facebook will notify you to tune in.

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