New Format for Indie Poetry Please!

“Indie Poetry Please!”, my indie poetry showcase, is now going to be available on IGTV live, every Monday evening at 9pm, starting this Monday coming, June 1st.

In each session, I’ll be reading three of my own poems and three poems from other indie poets I admire. The theme this week is “Legacy” and will include a poem from my long-time patron Mala Naidoo.

Occasionally I’ll do an “Ask Me Anything” session for poets who want to know more about self-publishing chapbooks and poetry books. But mostly it’s going to be introducing listeners to some of the most exciting, inspiring, and dynamic voices working in poetry today.

I hope you’ll tune into the live readings on Instagram:

I’ll also be bringing them to my Patreon page, in audio replay.

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you on Instagram.