New Creative Flow Practice Facebook Group: Join Us at 7.30am London Time or in Replay

Since summer of last year, a group of us has been meeting on Facebook to meditate and f-r-e-e-write together and this week, I’ve opened a new creative flow practice facebook group, just for this.

Welcome to the world  Go Creative Daily Flow Practice Group!

New Creative Flow Practice Facebook Group: Live and Replay

The two practices we do in the group are Inspiration Meditation and F-r-e-e-writing. To date, we have already done almost 80 sessions together.

The practice is facilitated through Facebook Live and then available as a replay, in the Units section in our group and the idea is that you can join us live or later.

You can catch a replay from wherever you are, whenever you can, ideally first thing in your morning. Flow practice has most effect if it’s the first thing you do in your day.

First Thing In Your Day

Taking this half-hour or so before the doings of the day get going is very powerful. It heightens our awareness of creative flow and of our own creative power and capacity, right from the start, and has an effect all through the day.

Creative flow is always there for us, though we’re not always there for it. Morning flow practice helps us to bring that awareness into the rest of the day’s creative work and rest and play.

For a creative, rest and play are not breaks from the process. They are the process.

New Creative Flow Practice Facebook Group: Inspiration Meditation

new creative flow practice facebook group



New Creative Flow Practice Facebook Group: F-r-e-e-writing

new creative flow practice facebook group

Both Inspiration meditation and F-r-e-e-writing are practiced in a format specifically designed for busy, creative minds.

You can find guidelines here that explain the practices but the instructions during the session are simple and you should be able to follow along easily.

Being creative is never about reading or thinking; it’s about feeling and doing. And the only way to learn creative practice of any kind is by doing it.

Creative Flow Practice: Showing Up

The benefit of flow practice is cumulative. No one day is ever that significant. What is important is to show up, often. That’s how we prove to ourselves that the creative way is important to us: by opening a space for it to flow in our lives.

While do the same rituals each day to open that space, each of us generates our own unique experience, each time.

It’s always the same, it’s never the same.

Join us live or in replay as we practice inspiration meditation and f-r-e-e-writing, together. If you have any questions, please do leave a comment in the guestbook or email me direct.

And if you know somebody who would benefit from the Go Creative! Flow Practice Facebook Group, please let them about it. Thank you!