New Book: How Authors Create Money and Meaning

I'm at work on a new book, looking at the opportunities and challenges for writers today in a rapidly transforming publishing landscape, where digital opportunities are changing everything we thought we knew about books.

Filled with facts about contemporary writing and publishing, this book also offers creative and practical insights and instruction in how today's authors can make a living — and a life — from writing.

As Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, I've seen a lot of writers doing a lot of different things. I'll be drawing on all of that, as well as the experience of publishing novels, non-fiction and poetry.

The book covers:

– The different business models writers are using in today’s global, digital marketplace
– How creatives relate to money
– Tools and techniques that connect writers to their creative power to write, publish and earn
– Instructions on how to use other forms of writing, including blogging, to augment book writing and income
– Exploration of free and gift business models for writers and publishers
– Analysis of how digital publishing has changed everything for authors and how new financial technologies look set to further disrupt supply chains and payment methods.

The book shows how to create a sustainable living and lifestyle from the opportunities now emerging for writers and readers.

And: there's an accompanying work-rest-playbook of creative exercises, that enable each author to map out their own personal writing, publishing and money plan for success.

I started it today, with the creative intention of having it ready in time to launch it at the Dublin Writers Conference on June 25th.


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