Go Creative! Morning Flow Practice: Inspiration Meditation and F-R-E-E-Writing

You can join our creative flow practice if you are (want to) run a passion-powered business.

In our closed Facebook  Go Creative! in Business! Group, live Mon through Thurs.


Each morning, Monday through Thursday, a group of creativepreneurs gathers on Facebook to do a morning creative flow practice together.

The practice sessions take place live at London time 7.30am but the idea is that you can catch the replay whenever your day begins, wherever you are in the world.

In this group, we also share our weekly creative intentions and accomplishments, monitor our own progress, and support and motivate each other. Join here

Morning Creative Flow Practice: Inspiration Meditation and F-R-E-E-Writing

Here is a sample of our morning flow practice. You’ll need a pen and paper, a place where you won’t be interrupted for about half an hour or so, and a willingness to slow down, go deep and connect with your own innate creative capacities. We do two practices.

  1. First, we practice Inspiration Meditation, a form of sound meditation, that uses words and the spaces between words as the object of attention.
  2. Then we follow with 15 minutes or so of guided F-R-E-E-Writing. We set a different theme for the writing each day but it’s also possible to write without a theme, just to record whatever arises in the mind. Free f-r-e-e-writing. We write by hand with pen and paper.

Our intention during both practices is to foster creative flow.

Morning Creative Flow Practice Doesn’t Take Time, It Makes Time

The idea of taking time out of our busy days for flow practice may sound like adding one more thing to do to an already off-the-page to-do list. Actually, time out for inspiration meditation and f-r-e-e-writing is a stop by the font of your creative flow, to refill the well.

This sort of practice is not a break from the process of creative-business building. It IS  the process.

Replenishment happens at a number of levels.

Morning flow practice connects us with the creative first thing, before the doings of the day have time to take over. All efforts to perform, to make, to do draw on our current level of creative capacity and energy. It’s like drawing water from a well, we need to give it time to fill back up again.

But also the subconscious mind is core to the creative process itself, immensely more powerful than our surface, conscious minds. Our best ideas, our aha moments, our insights and inspirations all increase with creative morning flow practice.

So the practice has many creative benefits but they are cumulative, they build up over time.

The most important thing with any creative practice–creative work, creative rest, or creative play–is to show up. To just do it.  You can try it and see does it work for you, here.

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