Your Monday Motivator: What’s Your Mind Mode?

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This theme of this week’s motivator mail, which goes out each Monday morning to creatives and creativists worldwide, is the seven mind-modes that operate within us all.

Think of a mind mode as a lens through which you view and approach your life, the filter through which you create whatever you’re making: other people, work and play, money and values, the universe and beyond.

Your existence and its meaning.

The seven mind modes run from tribal to transcendent, and each of them sees and creates life very differently.

We pass through each of these mind modes many times a day, but at a particular stage in life, one arises far more often for us than the others. This then is our prevailing mindset at that time, the one that dominates our thinking, being and creating.

The question is: which mind mode is currently dominant for you?

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Mind Modes

Psychology tells us that our mind modes unfold through seven ways of seeing and being, each one arising out of the other and still containing it (much as a sentence arises out of the words it contains and a paragraph out of sentences and so on).

We pass through from our least aware mode which we call tribal, through conquering, moral, material, communitarian and creativist to transcendent mode, sometimes called self-actualisation.

We fluctuate between all of these modes many times a day but at any given moment in our lives, one dominates.

  • Our dominant mode evolves through the human life-cycle as we grow up — though most of us get stuck in an earlier phase and never reach transcendence as our everyday condition of mind.
  • These modes are also passed through the stages and phases of life and by our evolving societies, which are run by whatever mind-mode dominates for most of their people. Most Western societies, for example, are currently in rational/materialist mode, and hopefully evolving into communitarian and creativist mode (before we’re doomed).

You will find all of this more fully explained in Go Creative! It’s Your Native State.

What’s Your Dominant Mind Mode?

For years, I too had a rational-materialist mindset. In those days, I worked as a journalist and I unfolded into the communitarian mindset in my thirties, moving on from a liberal, equality-based understanding of life.

As part of this shift, I became a vegetarian, took up meditation and yoga, became more exercised by concepts like meaning and purpose. I started writing a long-dreamt about novel.

The Creativist Mind Mode

Writing fiction, and the passing of time, took me into the creativist mindset.

This is where is where I still locate myself.

In this mode, I experience life pre-dominantly as a conscious creation and my overriding intention is to make each moment a conscious creation. Of course I have many moments of absence but many fewer than when communitarian or rational-materialist thoughts.

I have more moments of transcendence but it hasn’t become my dominant mindset (not as yet, anyway!).


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