Me Me Me. You. Or Me and You.

Creatives, like everybody else, come in three broad types, as is beautifully illustrated by this account of Spandaucreative intelligence stones water Ballet's appearance at Live Aid by Gary Kemp:

“Live Aid was…the highest point of that golden age of British pop music. I don’t actually remember our performance, just the bits around it, like seeing Pete Townshend, David Bowie, all these extraordinary people.

I thought I’d speak to Bowie,  but he didn’t know who the fuck I was. I got in his way at the bar. I introduced myself and he gave me one of those looks that suggested I was stepping too close to his radar.

Meanwhile, I was drooling over Pete Townshend. He told me to follow him up on stage to stand on the side and watch…. Then I got a tap on the shoulder. It was Paul McCartney. He said he thought we’d done a great gig and gave me the thumbs up.

….Others were better at pushing themselves forward. Bono was no fan of anyone; he just went straight to centre stage — George Michael, too.

Still I was thrilled to be part of that rock dream. I, a working class lad from Islington…”

Which kind is closest to you? Kemp (follower/fan)? McCartney or Townsend (facilitator/partner)? Bono or Michael (leader/star)?

From My Greatest Moment. The Guardian 6.8.2010.

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