Marketing Plan for Keepers: Inspirational Poetry

As some of you know I’m doing a joint campaign for two books over the coming three months, coming up to Christmas, to see if I can learn something useful from comparing my marketing plans for a non-fiction and a poetry book. Here is the Marketing Plan for Keepers: Inspirational Poetry, my latest collection.

This is a collection of selected poems from Poetry: Books I to V, with an additional few new poems also.

A while ago, I realized I hadn’t done the basics for poetry: mailing list, sign ups in the back of the books etc. I think I had subconsciously regarded poetry as a thing apart. I don’t know. I have changed that now.

At ALLi, we distinguish between book marketing and promotion. Marketing is about building your brand and platform, letting people know you and your books exist and what you and your books are about.

Promotion is particular actions to shift particular titles.

Here are the marketing steps I had to take before I was ready to begin promoting this particular title.

1. Set up for success.

  • First, I reformatted all my poetry books in Vellum, setting up the back pages of each book to ask for reviews and offering a free poetry book in exchange for sign-up.
  • Separated out my fiction and poetry list and started a dedicated poetry list.
  • Started a Patreon page. This offers patrons a free poem each month that is written exclusively for patrons. And I’m also offering an “Ask Me Anything” audio for other poets who want to know how to self-publish and sell.

Marketing Plan for Keepers: Promotion


  • I have begun with a Facebook marketing campaign, feeling that’s going to take the most tweaking.
    • I began with a sign-up campaign, offering a free book in exchange for email address, as that has always worked for my other books. I felt a niggle as I did it, I wasn’t sure why. This is classic “how to sell books” stuff, lead them in with a sample, then if they like what they read, they’ll buy more. I only ran it for ten days, but it had very little take-up, well short of 10%.
    •  Yesterday we switched to a sales strategy, offering the book for £3.99 on my own website and overnight we’ve had one sale. I’ll report back soon on whether that’s a freak incident or the start of something.

Next up:

  • Bookbub ads
  • Trying to get a Bookbub deal for poetry
  • Tweaking Facebook ads to make them work
  • Amazon ad campaign

I’ll keep you posted.

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