Making Money… The Creative Way: Book Launch


It’s here.

Creating Money, Creating Meaning: Getting Into Financial Flow, the book that applies the creative process to (whisper it, creative types!) making money.

It launches Tuesday next, 23rd of September.

But you can order your advance copy now — without being charged until it’s dispatched.

As those of you who've been paying attention know, this book shares everything I've learned about applying the creative process to work and finance.

It arose out of my own experience as a creative and creativist, who in rather typical fashion, avoided and disparaged financial life and — hardly surprising really — wound up with the creative's typical money life. 

I overworked and under-charged, overspent and under-earned.

I kept my distance from money and wondered why I was always broke.

Sound familiar?

One day I asked myself: what if I stopped dealing with money as the world defines it and instead handled it my own way? What if I applied the same creative process I use to write novels and poems to the making of money?

It was radical; everything changed.

But – true to the creative process – not at all as I expected.

You can find out how in the book. More importantly, it shares advice, information and case studies that enable you to answer that key question for yourself.

Order your copy here.

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