Making Good Choices

So there I was, thinking about choices. Specifically: is there a way of knowing that you’re making the right choice, the best choice, while you’re making it.

And while I was thinking, I saw a nice comment came in on my last post from the fabulous Caroline Smailes.  So I took a wander over to her blog, to see what she was up to.  (That girl is always up to something). 

And what did I find?  The most amazing widget, put together for her by her friend Stray, to celebrate the launch of Caroline’s latest book, Black Boxes (a powerful, accomplished read of which more another day). 

And this Black Box of a widget was all about… yes, making choices.

Ah synchronicity.  Don’t you just love it.

The widget was born of a telephone conversation between Caroline and Stray, about the novel’s themes. Caroline spoke of regret and how even the simplest choices can effect your path in life.  Hours after that short conversation, Stray had created this clever, fun Black Box widget.

Essentially, it’s a connection tool for bloggers.  If you’d like to play, go to the widget in the sidebar and:

  1. Click ‘decide’ to start.
  2. You will be offererd a series of choices.  So choose.
  3. Then you’ll be offered the chance to frame a choice of your own.  (I put in “Fight” or “Accept”). 
  4. Add your blog address and then submit and click, to be taken to a mystery destination, the site of another blogger who is taking part in the game, who chose the same answers as you.

As Caroline says (cue tone of deep significance):  “Who knows where your answers may lead…?”

It’s a game that has the the great delight of blogging at its heart, that (seemingly) random connection that opens new doors, new learnings, new fun, new friendships…

A living example of what I decided was the answer to the good choice question. 

The right choice, the best choice,  the only choice, is always the one that brings most happiness to you — and those around you.

Happy black boxing!

Ps If you’d like to extend the fun by putting the widget onto your own blog, go to the blog of Stray, super clever widget maker, HERE , for full instructions.

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