Making Creative Waves.

Or alpha waves, as the neuroscientists like to call them. “In the brain, breakthrough ‘aha’ moments of creativity have been associated with an increase in power of alpha brainwave activity,” says neurologist Gary Kaplan.

Creativity, as most of us know, is largely a right-brained activity but recent advances in brain science show us that it is a more complex response than previously understood, firing electrical activity in certain sites, “particularly,” says Kaplan, “towards the back of the brain”.

“And [it also associated with] an increase in synchronous alpha activity,” when alpha waves are produced in a synchronized fashion that connects both brain hemispheres.

This ability to read brain activity has confirmed the long-suspected connection between creativity and meditation, by showing that precisely the same kind of  brain activity is fostered by both activities.

“This should come as no surprise,” Kaplan says, “because the effortless activity of transcending [required by creative intelligence] is the opposite of the narrowly focused activity of analysis [required by conventional intelligence]. It is simply allowing the mind to reach its ground state, where we can experience thought at its creation.

“What we are nurturing [when we meditate] is a direct, unimpeded channel between the conscious mind and the unbounded ground state of the mind, at once infinitely silent and the source of all creative expression.”

Conclusion? Simple: if you want to be more creative, you should meditate.

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